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“The consumption of online video is growing rapidly, and the average person will spend half as much time viewing online as they spend viewing conventional TV this year” J. Barnard, Head of Forecasting at Zenith


For many years, video advertisement was only available on linear TV, commonly known as offline TV.

With the years, we saw a lot of new ways emerging for people to consume videos online.

Youtube, online TV and other content platforms also led to a new consumption of video advertisement.


With the evolution of online advertisement and its formats, many different ways are now available to reach your audiences, giving them more ways to choose the content they want to watch or even skip.

Developing storytelling for video ads is less evident than before. It was built with a consistent structure, a build up towards a climax and a following resolution. Nowadays, the content and the device consumption changed and the traditional story arc method is no more effective for online advertising.


In addition to this, new generations – especially GenZ – developed an attention span shorter than ever before – a slow build up of your message is proved largely ineffective.



But how could you build an adequate storytelling to incite your consumer to watch and interact with your brand? 

  1. Open stronger with a hook: Integrate a lot of high points in your story until the final resolution. Use eye catching and surprising elements all over the story to keep your audience captivated.
  2. The emerging story arc: Start fast, keep up the pace and deliver a message with unexpected surprises until you fade out. The quicker you give information about you and your brands, the more you will get the attention of your audiences. 
  3. Attract attention from the start: Leverage familiar faces and use different creative styles.


It is important to target your audience and detect which content they like to watch and what they don’t like in order to adjust the settings of your ads’ campaigns. This way you will  increase your performances. 

  • Highlight your Brand and Define a purpose to your ad campaign: This will get people’s attention and make sure you are on top of their mind. In order words, build awareness, you need to integrate your logo or motto into the first 5 seconds of your video ad. In a further phase when people already got to know you, introduce your brand later in the ad to allow time for engagement in order to drive higher watch time.
  • Connect through emotion : Bring the power of audio and visual together and use the audience to connect with them closely to reinforce your brand’s key message. According to YouTube, 95% of video watched on the platform is played with sound on. For example, having someone speak directly to the camera or have a conversation, this helps people to remember your message. This can bring up to 20% lift in brand awareness and consideration.


Last but not least, it is important to direct the viewer towards the next step, don’t forget to use a clear call to action!


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