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Omnichannel Marketing @Google

We just had a very inspiring session @Google about omnichannel marketing.
Here are some key takeaways we wrote down…

When it comes to omnichannel approach, today’s is TINA’s year… There Is No Alternative.
Historical players get challenged by native digital platforms (that continue to accelerate) when it comes to their presence on the market. Now, is a good time to take a look at the east… China, is one of the most emerging markets when it comes to native digital platforms. As European players, we can learn something from them. The time of C2C (copy to china), is switchen to copy from China.
Native digital players have set the new bar for minimal olympics in digital and user experience on mobile. As an advertiser, this is the minimum you should be aiming for if you want to survive.
Profit is not the single most important business KPI anymore, you also need to look at sustainability, because today this is the only way to survive the changing world.

Did you know that 10BN€ of retail sales in Belgium come from eCommerce? By 2030, in Belgium, half of sales will be online.
Even more impressive is the fact that 60% of retail sales in Belgium are influenced by digital. This is the paradox of retail: be online in order to bring traffic in store.
Mobile is the biggest driver: 50% of local searches happen on smartphone, 75% of them drive traffic in store in the 24h following that research…

Let’s take a moment to think about this.

The future is not being multichannel, but Omnichannel. The question you need to ask yourself is: how can you be future proof? Be visible online and meet the consumers needs?

Today, customers dominate the retail agenda: they drive innovations and they are vocal about improvements of omnichannel strategies that have been insufficient until now.

It is important for you to think customer and not channel, ask yourself: what do they want? Eliminate pain points one by one by transforming them in opportunities, don’t try to be everywhere at the same time. Choose your battles and choose where to win as an advertiser.

Speed has become a competitive advantage, in combination with data, you have the most powerful mix. Examples are: linking your commercial teams to technological capabilities, changing prices quickly,…

Again, many questions should be asked when trying to know if you really do the best for your customers: do you communicate offline information online (like open hours, …)? When people ask you an offline question online, can you respond (Is the store X accessible by wheelchair?)? Do you say what products are available in a specific store? Do you personalise your website in relation to the information you have about your customers? Do you send them an email for their birthday? …
Do you help people finding the product they found online in your store (tell them where exactly they can find the right shelve)

Omnichannel is undoubtedly more important than ever, and now is the moment to move forward and to win in your online and offline marketing approach.

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