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One briefing, one afternoon, one recommendation : Welcome to the YMCE

blue2purple was represented twice at the 2018 YMCE (Young Media & Channel Expert) contests. Once by Thomas Dewez during the Data Driven edition of the contest in Belgium and a second time through Quentin Thielemans at the Mediaplanning Edition in Luxembourg.

The principle of YMCE is quite simple but the task is challenging : each participant is paired with an other young media expert from another agency. Each newly formed team have 5 hours to establish a solid strategic mediaplan taking into account all specificities of the client sector. All steps are represented during this day from the briefing of the partner to the presentation in front of the client and a professional jury.

Thomas : “ As you could have imagined by seeing the name of the event, the day was clearly focused on data. The goal was to create the best omnichannel strategy based on the client’s data like conversion rate, website visitors, demographic data, … Concerning the client, we had the chance to work on Volkswagen and its new SUV T-Roc. Understand the data and appropriate their benefits to build a strong strategy is challenging and exciting at the same time! If you have the opportunity to attend the next edition, just do it! ”

Quentin : “ At the Luxembourg edition we had the chance to work on AXA, more specifically on their car insurance product. Not knowing the market we worked on and not knowing the potential consumers media consumption habits made it quite difficult but my colleague of the day and I still managed to present a well thought strategic mediaplan. It was an intense but instructive experience, I would recommend it to all the newbies in the media world.”

See you next year YMCE !


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