Ongoing search journey helps you pick up where you left off

The customer journey is a roadmap detailing how customer becomes aware of a brand. Google helps you to complete a longer-running task in order to find information about topics, retrace your steps or even discover new or related ideas.

You will access an activity card which will help you pick up where you left off during your research on Google. For example, if you are looking for information about cooking, interior design or any other topic that you’re interested in, you may find an activity card that will provide you to continue your exploration on the topic you have previously chosen. You can even delete the ones you do not longer need or even pin the ones you are interested in.

The customer journey is the sum of all the experiences that customers live when interacting with your company. Ongoing Search journey will help us define the journey mapping of your customers and develop an accurate strategy to target your audience as its best.

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