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Organic search CTR is dropping on Google, but why?

Based on numbers from Jumpshot, who are specialised in web metrics, the CTR for organic searches is dropping. Over 6% on desktops in Europe compared to 2016, and over 8% for mobile searches.

Why though?

One explanation, and advertisers will be glad to hear it, is that paid ads are gaining more traction. Jumping in Europe from 4,5% to 6,4% on desktop and 4,0% to 8,8% on mobile! This shows that Google ads are getting better at attracting clicks. Added headlines, descriptions and extensions might have played a big role in this.

The other reason Organic CTR is dropping is because Google keeps adding new features to their search engine result pages that keep the user on Google, without the need to click on third party sites.

Google My Business, ready made answer cards and posts try to feed the user the information they are looking for before the search results get the chance to. This eliminates the need to click through and cannibalizes the organic searches CTR.

CTR is getting bigger and bigger and it’s a part of blue2purple’s business. We can help you define the appropriate strategy concerning your ads.

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