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Our Top 3 FAQ – Part I

This week we’re going to start a series of three articles, presenting you the 3 most frequently asked questions by our clients … and the answers ! Prepare yourself for some interesting info, or maybe just a refresh.

Our question of the week is… Why would you advertise your brand name in Search Engine Advertising?

Advertising on your brand may seem redundant if your brand already appears in the organic results (or SEO). However, this could prove to be really important, for a number of reasons:

  • Increase your chances of getting a click: The more you appear in the search engine results’ page, the more you are seen, and thus clicked. Moreover, SEO and SEA are complementary: stopping one activity does not mean the other will completely make up for the loss of traffic, which could result in a potential loss of customers.
  • Competition: A competitor may as well advertise on one of your branded keywords. If this happens and you are not present with SEA ads, your competitor’s ads will be showing above your SEO results. On the contrary, if you are present in SEA as well as in SEO, your competitor will be below your SEA ad, allowing you to stay in 1st position and limit the potential damage due to his presence. Tip: don’t forget to protect your brand name !
  • A specific message: Being present with your brand on SEA will allow you to push specific messages and call to actions, that you can change as often as you feel necessary – contrary to the SEO, which is focussed on the long term and thus, it is slower to be updated. With SEA, you have the possibility to really push a complete message: sitelinks, location extensions, call extensions, callouts, snippets extensions, specific landing pages, and so on.
  • AB Testings: You can easily test which message works best for you through quick AB testing.
  • Long tail: Advertising on your brand name also allows you to be present on your brand’s long tail, and thus appear on a series of combinations that may not be covered through the SEO (for example: “brand + town”, “brand + promotion”, and so on).
  • Misspellings: Being present on your brand in SEA allows you to be present even if the search queries contain misspellings. In fact, in case of misspelling you will not be referenced by your SEO, but at least your SEA will be there! Therefore you remain visible whatever happens.

And if you want to know what Google thinks about this, here you go:

  • Leader Image: Consumers associate a high position in Google Search to a high position towards your competition.
  • Trust: The use of the brand in SEO and SEA reinforces the consumer’s trust in a brand.
  • More volume of conversions: The combined use of the brand in the organic and paid search results allows to increase the volume of conversions.
  • No cannibalisation of the SEO: The use of your brand name in SEA does not impact negatively the traffic generated by your SEO.
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