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Pinterest, an advertising platform not to be missed…

Pinterest recently unlocked the opportunity for e-commerce advertisers to plug their product catalog to the platform, in a similar fashion to what Facebook and Google already offer. Essentially, marketers will be able to upload multiple products, sort them in categories and turn them automatically into Dynamic Product Pins.

While Pinterest Ads used to work in a comparable way to Google Ads, with search terms and keywords combined with interests targeting, the new Catalog functionality will automate a lot of the processes needed to expose sponsored products to Pinners. It will save both time and headaches for advertisers with a large product offering.

Not convinced yet? GFK’s 2018 “Path to Purchase” study revealed that 84% of Pinterest’s weekly users browse their app before making a purchase decision, making Pinterest the best social platform to reach people in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel.

Discover how to set-up your Pinterest Catalog here: https://help.pinterest.com/en/business/article/about-catalogs

“If you want to target your low-hanging fruit, Pinterest could be the solution to catch their eye. A sponsored and organic pin look very much alike so a lot of people don’t even notice when it’s sponsored. That’s why it looks less pushy. In order to maintain this feeling you need to keep a close eye on the creative and make sure that it inspires and doesn’t look like an advertisement. In other words it needs to be a real pin.” – Femke Deweer, Social Advertising Expert at blue2purple.

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