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Reach drives orchestrated marketing

To create a brand marketing strategy, you need to evaluate who could be interested in it. It is important to understand exactly how and why people comment, like or share content. But, this is simply not enough, you need a mass-media thinking combined with the performance tracking opportunities offers by digital tools.

The unique reach reporting feature of Display & Video 360 gives a clear de-duplicated view of how many users you were able to reach with your campaign across targetings, inventories and formats. You can also see the impressions users received by campaign. With this, blue2purple optimises the frequency capping of your media buying based on those results.
Next year, Google will launch an updated unique reach report. It will allows users to see what the reach was in all demographic segments (age & gender). It gives the opportunity to evaluate the performance of large scale awareness or branding campaigns as well as checking whether the campaigns delivered on the intended targeted audiences.

This will makes media buying and planning more transparent and offers more options to adapt strategies, plans and campaigns on the fly.

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