Ready for day two at the #WebSummit 2019?

Good morning World, here we are again for the Websummit 2019 💥🚀

blue2purple and the belgian delegation will be able to deepen their knowledge on voice search. How is it effective? How could we implement that kind of search advertising for our customer? Rohit Prasad, VP & Head Scientist for Amazon Alexa will give us his perspective about the democratisation of conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) which will become a real game changer in your digital strategies and in the business relationship you have with your customers.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to listen to the president of Huawei about 5G. He explained how this novelty could have an impact on the development of telephone manufacturers. But what about e-commerce sites? Ronan Dunne, from Verizon, will gives us his insights about the fact that 5G will not only revolutionize the way we access to internet but also on how 5G will open up new possibilities for companies, customers journey and in general the influence that this novelty will have on our society.

All of these novelties will, according to David Eun, Chief Innovation Officer of Samsung, an influence on how we manage our home. Imagine… You could ask your Home Assistant to order your dishwashing liquid, your toothpaste from your favorite brand, create a cosy atmosphere for a romantic rendezvous in your living room or start your dishwasher from your bed just by the simple use of your voice.

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