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Have you defined your business strategy? Has it been translated into a digital strategy? Broken down into campaign targets per channel? Consolidated into audiences that you can boost? Launching digital campaigns without having gone over these aspects is merely ensuring an online presence. That might have been enough a few years ago, when the digital market was a “blue ocean”. But in an increasingly competitive digital market, choosing your priorities is now a critical factor. How do you create the context that will make you a success?

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Using search terms and discovering niche markets, understanding data to improve your service, analyzing the impact of your ads in order to adapt your site… These tangible elements are essential to creating a competitive advantage. Digital is constantly evolving and the “big players” are leading the dance. Amazon, Uber and Airbnb set Olympic standards in terms of user experience. Agility and knowledge are now the raw materials for brand success.

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What is a media plan? It’s the breakdown of an expected result over budgets activated via presumably optimal channels by analyzing historical data which has itself been projected in an unlimited scope. Our motto is: “If the campaign delivered is no longer in line with the original plan, we have done our job: investments have been optimized in real time, according to the best performances, whatever the campaign’s goals.”

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Detecting and understanding available data and pulling out the most accurate insights are the keys to success in our brands’ digital battles. A competitive advantage is no longer built on prices or services but on user experience. Understanding your customers’ expectations and behaviors and gearing a coherent pricing strategy to them are the basics of digital marketing.

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Data-driven Marketing
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We live to empower others. Our moonshot project? Digitalize the Belgian market! That can only happen through knowledge sharing. Each advertiser has to play the role of challenger vis-à-vis the agency with which it collaborates. We start from the idea that the more you understand digital mechanisms, the more you will get out of the digital challenge. Intended for both marketers using GRPs and those who have never heard of them, our programs are accessible by any audience. They are based on the Learn by Doing principle, which means you will never again be deprived of your digital environment.

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Given the multiplication of technical skills and the challenge of implementing an integrated strategy, as well as the need to keep talent in the company and the difficulty of controlled management with regard to headcount, the marketing department of the future has become an inaccessible fantasy for many. Rather than offering a standard “turnkey” solution, we co-create, within your team, immediately operational resources by boosting the most advanced skills in a professional training program.

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