Omni-channel media buying only makes sense if it is optimized by a consolidated reading of the results. Working closely with all your partners to offer a unique experience intended for your customers is the ultimate goal of faultless alignment between resources and performance.
Why be on the lookout for the most recent inventories? Complex or novel strategies?
Because the blue ocean that is the key to instantaneousness can be achieved by all. Being a step ahead, not fearing to test, being “the first one in”, etc. is in our DNA.

Do you set aside 3% of your marketing resources for testing? 🤓


Aligning your online and offline strategies has become the marketing codeword. We pay special attention to coordinating all the channels, to phasing a campaign, and to storytelling when it comes to messages and formats. Whether or not your communications activity starts with paying media.
We encourage development of an ecosystem centered on your resources and having as its common goal the business finality of the initiatives created.
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Competitive intelligence enables you to discover market opportunities and saturated sectors. Analyzing search trends is key to understanding your customers’ expectations. Building a service policy based on your customers’ wishes legitimizes you as an outsider.
Tip: 15% of the searches done in Google this year have never been done before 😳


Reaching out to your consumer at the right time, in the most favorable context and in a personalized manner is the basis for digital. Our media plans are developed with an eye to detecting all of the potential relating to your sector. Geared to real-time performance, the campaigns are continually optimized, with key learning applied in each iteration.
Tip: a digital media plan should be as flexible as a path optimized by Waze 🧐


Take a situation into account at a given time “T”, compare the digital environment and the seasonal aspect, detect the maximum potential of the communication channels… As soon as the analysis is completed, a new scope with associated targets appears. Our analysis starts with an overall view, seen through the lens of the data. Metrics start to make sense and can be activated.
By phase, by block, by project or by mission – ask for a snapshot of your digital environment


In an environment that is developing as quickly as that of digital marketing, revolutionizing media buying methods and redefining KPIs, etc., we are convinced that a professional training path is the key to success.
Intended for both marketers using GRPs and those who have never heard of them, our programs are adapted to every audience. Custom-built and based on the Learn-by-Doing principle, these courses will help you acquire the skills that will enable you to challenge the most complex media recommendations.
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