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SES London: Digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2015



As a Digital Performance Marketing Agency, we experience change at any moment of the day.

And this is what Abby Guthkelch, head of digital at Ketchum UK demonstrated during one of the sessions @ SES London.

If there were one sentence to summarize this speech, it would be:

“The only thing constant in life is change”

The role of marketing teams is evolving. While a few years ago PR and marketing teams where separated, today they tend to merge to enhance the customer experience, to tell them a story.

According to Abby Guthkelch, 2014 has experienced some drastic changes in the way that brands interact with their consumers, and 2015 is expected to evolve in the same direction.


Consumers are more and more concerned about their personal data and privacy.

In parallel, the communication towards them has never been more personalized. Marketing becomes more local, less global.

The consumer also engages more likely in goodwill. Take the ice bucket challenge or the no makeup selfies, they are good example of this trend.

Which changes to expect in 2015?

The individual remains central. And in order to put the consumer at the center, we need to improve some stuff:

*Measurement: cross-device, tracking improvement, …

Most conversion paths end abruptly due to multiple touch points. We have to optimize the way we track our campaigns

*Targeting: Men become real shoppers, we enter a slash slash generation

Men, who tend to be identified as sport lovers by default is not the reality anymore. Men want more buying decision.

On top of that, consumers are changing. A woman is not just a woman or just a wife anymore, she is a women/ a mother/ a doctor/a sport fan/… and as an advertiser, you need to reach her at the right moment, with the right message and with the right product. You have to take your consumers interests and lives into account.

The platforms are also changing. Today Facebook is becoming the first video platform… before YouTube. Even payment methods are evolving, Google Wallet allows you to transfer money via a simple email; tomorrow this will be available via any social network.

*Engagement: feel, touch, hear, and create a unique experience around your brand.

Don’t be afraid to team up with other brands to enhance that experience. For example, Über has collaborated with airlines to promote their service.

And in fine, why not let the customer lead the conversation?


Are you ready?

From big to small, to big again. We need to create smart content and scale it in an economic way.

Coding is becoming a necessity for marketing rather than a nice to have.

Finally, we need to understand data, internally and externally, and act accordingly.

As you imagine, those changes won’t take place on a specific date. It’s a slow progression, and the only way to confirm this, is to look back on the past 365 days on January 1st 2016.

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