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Site Diversity Change doesn’t affect sponsored ads but what about traffic on your website?

Google is constantly updating their search engine results page. Some updates are aesthetic (like the new theme icons next to images, maps, news, etc.) while others are core updates to which sites are selected for which queries (like the June core update).

Also launched in June but separate from the core update is the Diversity Change to search results.
Simply put, it’s a change to how often a single domain will show for queries. Google ranks every page against each other in their search results, which would often end up in one domain dominating the whole result page and adding little added value per link.
With this update, Google hopes that more diverse sources will end up on the first result page and will give the user a broader choice in which link to click.

This has obvious consequences for SEO but also SEA. Brands need to monitor their results pages, especially for their brand queries, and may want to shift their focus if they observe a loss in traffic for certain campaigns. Previous generic queries where they used to dominate the page may also suffer and need more attention.

”It’s important to be up to date on every change made to the Google SERP. Even if the Diversity Change doesn’t affect directly sponsored ads, it may cause shifts in traffic we might need to be aware of.” Vincent Mathys, our Search Advertising Expert.

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