Snapchat, an ever-increasing competitor to GAFA?

Advertising in mobile applications has become the new reality for the actors of online marketing. Giants like YouTube or Facebook are the masters of this specific environment, but other platforms such as Snapchat, are also surfing on the wave.

Considered to be heavily skewed towards the younger demographic, Snapchat displays unexpected numbers in Belgium, with a majority of their active user base aged older than 20.

These people spend less and less time on traditional media, and favor interaction on their phones and tablets. In a world where social media can make you feel self-conscious, lonely, guilty, anxious, and even isolated, Snapchat claims to empower its users to feel the opposite.

According to a survey they ran with the help of Murphy Research, Snapchat revealed people felt mostly happy, excited, silly, creative and playful while using the app, and use this specific selling point to pitch itself against more powerful actors.

Snapchat’s heavy focus and mastery of AR environments lead to successful campaigns for big brand names such as Philips, Warner Bros. or Disney. They’re also paving the way for new ad placements and technologies, with AR programmatic ads coming in the near future.

(source: Snapchat)

“If you know that 70% of the time that’s been spent on Snapchat is by playing with its lenses. Imagine what this could mean if you launch a sponsored branded game. Time that your audience could spent voluntarily with your brand. Besides this, this happy feeling of the game will be linked to your brand. ” Femke, our Social Advertising Expert.

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