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Snapchat makes its entrance in the marketing world

Snapchat is already a large social network in the U.S and is starting to draw attention in Europe. In fact, Snapchat reaches 11% of the American population. Many companies have already achieved great results on their campaigns. They have made a genuine use of Snapchat and it has increased their amount of followers on their social network by improving their brand awareness or launching a new product. Some of those strategies could be: offering coupon codes, connecting with influencers or building anticipation. Of course, these tactics work mostly if you have a product which you want to commercialize through those campaigns. Moreover, building anticipation can be helpful for your enterprise by using short phrases like “Just wait until you hear what we have got coming!” That could create higher engagement with your customers.

The Snapchat market is still hard to get in and prices are extremely high. For instance, if you want to advertise on the social network the price scale goes up to 40.000$ for your ad! On the other hand, the Snapchat geo filters are more affordable and let your company create their own filters. However, depending on the size of the location you want, the price will increase rapidly if you choose a vast location. About 50$ for 10 m² during 24 hours.

Accordingly, the persons following your company on Snapchat are your most devoted fans as in comparison to other social networks: Snapchat feels more casual. The fact that Snapchat is still “closed” (you can’t share Snaps) makes it difficult to build your audience on this social network. To solve the audience problem, you should promote your Snapchat account with your others social networks, using your own personal QR code you get when you create your Snapchat account.

Do you know the best practices to use Snapchat?
First of all, you need to create a feeling of urgency. Your followers will want to know more about your offers, products and services and will do some research about your company.
Secondly, making a special announcement by giving details about something coming up.

Also, fitting your content to the platform. Snapchat is more casual, fun and fleeting. Therefore, you do not take a picture and make it the most beautiful possible it can like on Instagram or Facebook. You take a picture, edit it and send it, as simple as that.
Of course, building engagement and interest through Snapchat can be achieved by storytelling, allowing you to overcome the briefness of the time limit for both images and videos thus getting your followers interested in what is coming next!
Besides, the particularity of Snapchat lies in the visual aspect of the social network: videos and pictures. Both of them should be used: do not limit yourself to just one so your followers have something different to watch each time. Since the recent update, you can choose to make a loop with your contents, giving the followers the chance to watch it over and over again.
The purpleteam follows the evolution of Snapchat in the marketing world closely, learning each aspects of the app and what it can offer to us and our clients if used properly!
Stay tuned for more information about it!

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