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Start of one day diagnostic GDPR sessions

You see and hear it everywhere : GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – is definitely coming : deadline is 25th may 2018. No company selling to European countries will escape it.

Even if all the spreading information seems alarming, you still have time to think about it. The solution is easy : you need to set a comprehensive attack plan to achieve total compliance. blue2purple can help you.

In November, we started our first one day diagnostic GDPR sessions towards our clients who were pleased with the detailed information they received.

Pierre Losson, blue2purple’s CTO, presented one day sessions which were theoretical in the morning and interactive in the afternoon.

Program proposed during these sessions :

· Assessment GDPR Compliancy
· Theoretical training
· Action point & Check list for DPO (Data Protection Officer)
· GDPR process to implement

Now you are aware of the GDPR compliancy, you would like to act but don’t know where to start ? Feel free to contact blue2purple for advice.

Do you need more information about GDPR ? Stay tuned for our series of episodes coming and read our previous articles.

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