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Stories or how to turn yourself into a brand ?

Gasping for relevance with a younger audience, LinkedIn created “Student Voices”. The professional social network launched a story format, only in the U.S.

The purpose is to get students share their academic experience such as internships, career fairs and class projects that they want to show off to recruiters as part of their personal brand.

Is this really what’s going to happen? Weren’t stories originally invented for broadcasting informal and spontaneous moments that disappear so people won’t have to worry about their impact or reputation? What kind of impact could this tool have? Students might just avoid to use it. Or if used, they could post polished clips promoting their achievements.

What advantages will this new tool have for blue2purple ? For now, LinkedIn says it has no plans to insert ads between clips in Student Voices. But these could have a positive impact on the frequency use of the app and also have a better reach for advertisers.

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