Studio Colibri : “Reinvent the internet”

Some weeks ago we had the pleasure to assist to a talk from Anthony Barbarich, Co-founder and Designer & Robin Foguenne, Co-founder and webmaster of Studio Colibri, a belgian sustainable creative agency founded some months ago. Their mission : “lighten the carbon footprint of the internet”. They offer a tailored solution based on your website in order to reduce your CO2 consumption, optimize your website or even remove unnecessary options of your website. An artisanal work which could reduce your website’s weight till 50%. This will, of course, have a positive impact on your ecological footprint, consumer experience and your Google referencing.

Made by these two friends passionate by nature and web, Studio Colibri offers a lighter way to use the web while complying with our environment. But How? By adapting the script to build a faster, lighter and even more secure eco-friendly web.

They offer a customized code and media content by using website energy efficiently. Their websites just need a limited quantity of energy. To do so, they use a static approach in order to limit database server, which improves, mainly, the customer’s experience and Google referencing… Moreover, the data collected are not stored in an external data center which prevent against the security vulnerability.

During this session, they showed us the results of the efficiency and eco-friendly side of our website in order to see where we can change our code to use less energy while keeping its full potential.

It’s local, it’s belgian, it’s complying with our environment and it’s efficient.

If you want to know more, please check their website :

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