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Summer of 2015

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Summer is over! Well, technically we still have 2 weeks of hot weather left, but look through the window and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

While you were enjoying nice cocktails at beautiful beaches, Google did not stand still.

Here’s a quick overview of the latest features announced by Google AdWords  these past few months.


1) Automated Shopping Extensions

This is huge news for e-commerce retailers. Automated extensions are created within your AdWords account and allow useful information to be added to your Shopping Ads. For example, extensions can be added to highlight a specific promotion or to attract customers with free shipping.

Not only do extensions make your ads more attractive, studies showed that including promotional messages to your ad copy increases CTR and conversion rate.

Of course, there are downsides to every new feature. In this case, you might say that smaller retailers won’t get the chance to stand out since they can’t offer free shipping, nor any kind of promotion. Without these offers, their ads will be smaller and less flashy, resulting in lower CTR compared to their bigger competitors.


2) Auto-Converting of Text Ads into Richer Text Image Ads

This is one of the most interesting features released by AdWords this summer. Google will now automatically convert text ads to image ads!

Basically, classic text ads running in GDN will be “pimped up” in order to make them look more like banners rather than simple text. To do so, Google will need to get your logo from Google+. The colors of the banner itself are derived from the primary and secondary colors of the logo.

This feature will not convert all text ads in every AdWords account. There are a few factors that influence Google’s decision to convert your text ad to an image ad:

  • CTR
  • Conversion rate
  • Landing page dwell time

The better the above mentioned factors perform, the higher the chance that Google will automatically convert your ads.

Also, your account will only be eligible to run Richer Text Ads if it’s linked to a verified Google+ account.

Rumour has it that Google is testing a more advanced version of the Richer Text Ads, where advertisers will be allowed to upload images they chose themselves, instead of the thirdparty visual automatically chosen by Google.


3) New Structured Snippets Ad Extensions

What are they? Well, these extensions will show up under your adcopy and above your sitelinks. They are really similar to Callout extensions in the sense that they are not clickable and only provide a little bit more information for the searcher.

Every Structured Snippet starts with a “Header”, chosen from a predetermined list of 12 categories. You can then add up to 10 “Values” under the header, but we recommend to add at least 4 values.

Since not every industry is taken into account in the list of “Headers”, these Snippets will not be available for every AdWords account.

Good news is, if you can add these Snippets to your ads, it will give you more ad space, hence more visibility! This is directly in relation with your CTR, which will certainly be increasing.


So, that’s it for the most interesting changes in AdWords over the past few months.

We hope you get to improve your AdWords’ performances thanks to these new features! And if not, we’re sure we can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

info@blue2purple.com or visit our website: www.blue2purple.com

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