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A Summer Party to remember

May 31 was a day to remember for blue2purple. The sunny weather and 30° degrees heat, made our Summer Party an actual SUMMER party! There was plenty of good food and drinks. Yes, we heard all of your feedback on the awesome mojito bar and will note it for a possible next edition.
We deemed it a necessity to make the Summer Party our own little way of introducing the sun.

The summer vibes were part of every aspect of the event. The guests made sure to look their best in their summer inspired looks. And we made sure to help them with some goodies : white sunglasses with “I <3 Summer” written on the branches, because everyone loves summer, right?

When it comes to the entertainment the photo booth and ball pool combination brought everyone’s little kid to the surface. People took the time to get to know each other in a less formal way for once. A change of scenery did us all good. Even though summer is not quite there yet officially, we made sure to give you a little taste already.

It was a real pleasure to share those special moments with you all! We hope to see you at our next event.

PS: if you want to see all the pictures taken at the photobooth that day, make sure to have a look on our album on the Facebook page of blue2purple, and if you want to have a good laugh, don’t miss these beauties!


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