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Target Facebook group engagers in your custom audiences

If you are one of the happy few that has a Facebook group, you’ll be able to create a custom audience of people who interacted with your group. This is a pretty exciting update because this audience will be even more valuable than the people who only interacted with your Facebook page.

Qualitative audiences

Facebook’s research determined that groups show more engagement than pages.  In contrary to a Facebook page, a group is a private space where people have the opportunity to share ideas with people with similar interests. Your audience creates the value, as opposed to Facebook pages, where most of the content is created by the owner of the page.

If you want to keep your group valuable, you need to put your customers first. Give them a reason to be a part of your Facebook group, make them feel special and connect with them on another level without pushing your brand. Give them the opportunity to deep dive into specific subjects. Besides this, a group gives you the chance to share more exclusive content, which makes your audience feel important.

Moreover, an active and well managed group gives you a higher status in the news feed algorithm than a standard page would, allowing you to reach more of your audience organically. Finally, this allows you to target a more valuable audience in the loyalty and advocacy phases, and sponsor premium content to a premium audience.

Looking for new clients is important, but we shouldn’t forget our existing customer base!

Especially when improving loyalty by 5% can increase your profits by 25%*!

Facebook just released a new powerful tool for social marketeers: Leverage group engagement based custom audiences to boost your customer retention and increase your profits! Antoine Struelens, Senior Social Expert at blue2purple.

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