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The advantage of Google My Business for all kinds of fields ?

Google My Business is a tool that could help your business attract new clients, give them information about your company and products but also to set yourself apart from others. This tool is accessible in all kinds of fields. You can give your opening hours but also put some exceptional opening hours to avoid losing clients.This option will give you the opportunity to:

  • Reach more consumers
  • Reassure Internet users who are not completely certain that you are open
  • You are different than the many stores in your catchment area that do not necessarily update their local info on the Internet

For example, if you are an owner of a hotel, you will be able to set your check-in and check-out times. Your customers won’t need to go on your website or search after this information and lose time.

It is a way to promote your business and is helping your customers to learn more about your hotel services and general information about your company. The more you communicate, the more your customers are happy and lead to better reviews from them on your local listings.

If you are a marketer, Google Maps is a way to promote the activity to your customers. After that, you will be able to analyse what kind of information is interesting to your client customer’s, engage them and create loyalty.

As search expert, Google My Business is a crucial and powerful tool while working in synergy with Google Ads. By sharing business locations we can run local campaigns and entice consumers to visit a store through a seamless experience (including Google Maps). Google My Business is the prerequisite of every drive-to-store campaign on Google Ads.

Alexis Draguet (facebooklinkedin)

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