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The newest productivity updates for Adwords

It’s been a few months now that Google is updating their new Adwords interface. They announced in March that they would launch some very useful new features such as an account performance score and a recommendation page. You will also be able to add notes, just like in Analytics.

Account performance score

How many times did you ask yourself what your account was worth ? With the new Google feature “account performance” you’ll finally have an idea of how your account really performs. They spot the opportunities at every level of your account (campaigns,Keywords, bids,…) to optimize your account as much as possible.

Recommendations page

What it will essentially show you is where the biggest optimization opportunities are and where advertisers should focus their effort. Adwords director of Product Management Anthony Chavez said “It is designed to be a meaningful indicator of the best ways users can improve their accounts. It’s very actionable and connects directly to the recommendations that get surfaced”.
This feature will be integrated in the Recommendation experience page.

This page replaces the Opportunity page that was used in the old interface. It has 16 new types of recommendations that’ll be customizable depending on your account. Chavez said in an interview in March that the recommendations page “is meant to be a time saver to educate users on areas of improvement to drive better results”.

Notes in Adwords

Another update in Adwords is Notes. You can create notes in the new Adwords and it’ll be visible for the other users that have access to your account. So you can easily communicate with colleagues that are also working in the account. You can find the notes under the performance graph area or in the note column that you can choose to add or not on the right side of your screen. Notes is available on every levels of your account.


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