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The real value of a mobile click in a multi-device strategy

Mobile isn’t a nice to have anymore, it has become a reality. Avoiding it would be silly. Today it’s not about where your customers are looking for you anymore, it’s about when and why they are looking. If you look at your own results (this is an analysis you can easily make through your web metrics platform) you’ll see a huge increase of the mobile sessions on your website. For some advertisers, mobile already represents 30% of their traffic. Can you imagine not having a mobile website if this would happen to you?

Ok, it’s true… Some industries are more sensitive than others, for travel for example in over a little bit more than one year from now, Google estimates that the search queries coming from mobile will have tripled compared to now.

Still thinking in different devices will not help you improve your strategy.

Just take an example from yourself if you don’t believe me… Think about how you behave when you search. Do you care if you are on a mobile, tablet or desktop? No. The only thing you want is to have the information you need. The way you’ll behave afterwards, that’s where the difference lays.

People use their smartphone for different reasons than they use their desktop. On mobile it’s all about having information at the right moment you need in order to take action right away. In the US over 60% of people connect in some way with the business they looked up, an other 65% visits the business. This behavior is completely opposite from desktop behavior, where people are on a more “lazy” wave.

Your customer has evolved, it’s time for you to do so as well. Measuring your mobile results the same way you do for your desktop results is the worst idea you’ve ever had. It’s kind of like always thinking in last click… if it doesn’t fit your business model, it’s time for you to walk away from it.

From your analytics data (or any other web metrics data for that matter) you can easily analyse everything I’m telling you for the moment. Just analyse your desktop conversion rate, how has it been behaving over the last years? Do you see anything incoherent? Take your mobile sessions and conversions and place them next to your previous data. Is there a link between both? Than mobile plays a bigger role than you think for you today. (if you’d want more information on how to execute this analysis feel free to contact us!)

It’s been proven, people use their mobile at different moments than desktop. According to GFK’s future buy, people mostly use their mobile to find services & products or to search for the best price. This should not surprise you, if you knew that 65% of decisions start on mobile and end somewhere else (desktop, tablet, store, …). Which leads me to my final advice: calculate everything mobile brings you, don’t stop at direct conversions. Did it bring you more app downloads, store-locator requests, calls,..? Everyone of these actions have a value for you, calculate it! Take your average app return to calculate the return from your downloaded apps coming from your mobile campaign. Or multiply the number of store-locator requests with the average percentage of people actually coming to your store when using the locator and multiply this number with the average revenue per store visit. This will give you a more accurate view of what mobile really brings you, and will let you make more effective decisions.

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