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TV made smarter with DoubleClick

Google announced two new features in DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) that would help advertisers activate multi screens campaigns that would bridge digital and live TV efforts.

According to a Google-commissioned Ipsos study, 80 percent of sports viewers are either on their smartphone or on their computer while watching sports on TV. They look up on their smaller screens for players stats, live scores or messaging other fans.

Real time triggers allow advertisers to set predefined moments that correspond to an event. Therefore, the display or video campaign activates right after a predefined action such as a Goal in a football match.
DBM also integrated weather related data that will allow ads to appear depending on the weather.

DoubleClick Bid Manager is updating its dashboard to let advertisers access linear TV data through what it’s calling TV Ad Explorer. This tool allows marketers to see metrics from recent campaigns, how their campaigns performed against their intended target audience and on which shows they saw it.

Double Click also said they plan, in a indistinct future, to enable media planning across TV and digital.


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