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Twitter Advertising available in Belgium: Was it worth the wait?


Twitter Ads have been launched in the United States in April 2013. Since September 2014, it is finally available in Belgium and other European countries.

Before that, only a selected few Belgian advertisers were able to spread their ads through Twitter since they had to meet some specific criteria.

But now that it is available in our beloved country, was it worth the wait?

Seeing the different targeting options, I would say: Yes.

Advertisers can target their tweets by:

  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Similarity to existing followers
  • Keywords in timeline

Tailoring the audiences is possible by filtering by geographic location, language used, gender, and you can even link your CRM lists!

Since every marketing campaign has a specific goal, Twitter allows its advertisers to choose between 5 different campaigns, depending on their purposes:


Basically every possible marketing objective is recognized in the different campaign types.

1) Promoted Account:

This campaign type is used if you want to attract new followers. Your account will then appear in the targeted audience’s home page, in the ‘Who to follow’-section.


2) Website Cards:

If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, Website Cards are the best way to achieve that purpose. This option will showcase your website content to relevant users, allowing them to access your website in a single click.


3) Promoted Tweets:

Announcing an upcoming product release or an event you’re hosting? Spread the info creating a Promoted Tweet. Write a compelling piece of content, add an image and launch the campaign. The tweet will appear in the home timeline of the users you’ve targeted.


4) App Card

Promote your mobile apps on Twitter. The App Card showcases your app directly within a tweet. Use a strong call to action to encourage users to download your app, in one single click.


5) Lead Generation Card

The Lead Generation Card makes it easy for users to express interest in what your brand has to offer. This sponsored tweet gives user the possibility to directly subscribe for your newsletter, without leaving Twitter.


Like every advertising platform, Twitter Ads also allows you to analyse the results of your campaigns.

With the detailed dashboard, you can easily find the best performing campaigns. You get to view all the performances ad per ad, including the number of engagement actions, click, impressions,… allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns the best possible way.

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