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Voice-activated touch screen, the last privacy intruder or the perfect gift ?

Facebook Portal joins Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show on the market of smart displays, an emerging category of voice-activated touchscreens. These tools could be, one day, an opportunity for digital marketers to target more specifically or adjust digital strategies.

These voice-activated touchscreens are claiming that they are secure for customer’s data and privacy where consumers can stay in control. Facebook Portal, for example, allows customers :

  • to make secure calls
  • share contents
  • display photos and notifications
  • connect with messenger
  • to command the Alexa built-in

But is it real ? A camera that doesn’t record unless it is not engaged or a voice-over assistant that doesn’t listen ? The promise that made calls wouldn’t affect ad targeting on any facebook platforms?These tools are not taking the idea of nothing being private to a new level?

Few days ago, spokespeople of Facebook explained that the connection between this Portal and ad targeting exists. For example, when users make a call, Facebook collects informations such as the number of calls. These information could be used to target the right people with the right content on the right place.

You wanted to buy it for Christmas ? 🎁🎄

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