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WEB SUMMIT 2017 – Most significant insights

Considered as the biggest European Tech Conference, this year the Web Summit was taking place in Lisbon, Portugal with 60 000 attendees from 170 countries and 1200 speakers sharing their knowledge.

The topics mainly focused on the future of technology and on its application, bringing ethical questions regarding important evolutions such as automated artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, increasing of voice usage in technology, not to mention climate crisis and customer care.

During the Web Summit 2017, Artificial Intelligence was obviously related to the first humanlike robot named Sophia. We were witness of an unbelievable dialogue with her next generation homologue Einstein’s robot. Can you imagine a robot with a sense of humour?

Our selection of key takeways and insights we want highlight. Yes, some are philosophical…and we can handle it 😉

#1 : Artificial Intelligence will create new jobs
AI will destroy millions of jobs. And technology is going to kill human jobs without added value. We all agree with. But robots will be able to integrate human values. This could bring a lot of new jobs in a short term and re-invent the way we’ll work.

#2 : AI will be as obvious as social media
The CEO of Medialink, Michael Kassan gave the same advice relating to AI now than social media a few years ago to companies that aren’t still sure : to the question “Do I really need to worry about social media?”, he replies “Don’t worry, embrace”.

#3 : Never underestimate your customers
Stop ignoring them. As a marketer, you must include your customers in your strategy. 90% of shoppers are influenced by negative customer reviews. A brand advocate is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Pareto Principle is true : 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Communication between your marketing and customer service departments isn’t optional anymore.

#4 : The use of voice in technology
10% of searches are today taking place via voice technology. This matter is not new but is in constant development. No surprise for this as voice is the most natural way of communication. Voice technology represents a solution for all generations : from kids to the elderly. Get prepared to adapt your marketing strategy.

#5 : Technology vs feelings
No matter the technology, we do not evolve regarding what we know : we change because of what we feel. And this is enthusiastic. I feel so I am !

blue2purple will attend the event in 2018…are you in ?

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