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Web Summit, learning and discovering together

blue2purple and the belgian delegation had the opportunity to attend world-class speakers, startups and tech investors coming from different backgrounds. Everyone shared their ideas, visions and mostly, lots of passion.

Back from Lisbon, we wanted to share with you our general experience and impressions.

Data becomes the most valuable resource for a company. Its value is now the strong knowledge of consumers. But is it being managed correctly? We chose two main talks and some insights which we appreciate the most on this topic.

How about regulations?

Brad Smith and Tony Blair, How to make sure technology is working for everyone. © https://www.recode.net/

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Brad Smith, Head of the legal department, debated on how to create an international regulation. They explained that policy makers don’t understand change makers or are, even, against them.

During this talk, Mr Blair exposes that the technology is changing the way of living, working and thinking. He says that politics are responsible for understanding the issues in regulations but also identify the possible opportunities in educating people. That technology could be used as a weapon and politicians need to be aware of that kind of risk. Europe and the USA need to be allies against China to take out the maximum of the technology, embrace it and use it with our values like protecting our democracy.

Digital technologies, immense power and great risks

Margrethe Vestager, Building a fairer digital economy. © https://websummit.com/

Since several years, the Web Summit took to heart the fact that the tech sector is still majoritarily a man’s world. Their “women in tech” program gave us the opportunity to listen to some impressive and powerful women.

One of them we heard at the Summit was Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, speaking on how do we can get the best out of technology. How to give people the confidence they are safe? Digital technologies have immense power but with immense power comes great risks. It brings all good in the daily lives but at the same time it produces harmful and untrue information that spreads even further than before unleashing violence and undermining democracy. For example, “fake news” has been a hot topic since the election of Donald Trump. This term has been used and even overused by politicians to express their disagreement with some information. The journalists, the objective party we trust, go too fast without even checking the information.

If one company gets hold of important data, it could have an incidence on the correct functioning of the market and harm competition. Moreover, people’s trust have been altered because some of their data has been stolen or even misused. She says that the right rules can help fix those problems. She makes a point on the privacy protection and protection of our values in accordance with the new digital citizen rights that came into force.

Will robots surpass humans 🤖?

© https://bigumigu.com/

Social robots Furhat, Sophia and Han gave us an unforgettable stage show. It highlights the potential of Artificial Intelligence to speak, interact, move and have facial expressions as if it was our twin. It even has the ability to change its face shape.
All this new technology is very impressive but the main question we ask ourselves here is: will robots and AI actually surpass humans and when? Do the politics need to regulate that ?

Belgian delegation 2018: Strong together, Empowering each other! 💪🏻💥

Heidi de Cloedt and Sebastien Scarmure for Brussels Airlines, Edouard Wattel and Youssef Gallouch for Samsonite, Yannick Kessler for D’Ieteren, Maud Van De Velde for 20th Century Fox, Jeroen Stirnberg for Ferrero, Kris Hoet for Happiness, Anthony Belpaire for Google, Jo Delannoy for Doubleclick, Alexis Lebedoff for Facebook and the blue2purple team members: Annick Vandersmissen, Cedric Donck, Laurence Baeten, Karima Neveu, Lisa Diamant, Rebecca Van Vaerenberg and Nicolas Beguin, Jean-Vianey Philippe will also be there to represent Broadkat.

The Web summit is, for us, a great experience whether for the learning part but also on the human side. We discovered speakers talking about democracy, data protection, privacy and regulations mainly centered around AI. This changes from last year where the main focus was on blockchain. This cryptocurrency became, nowadays, a convenience. Since technology is always evolving, will AI still be next years hot topic?

blue2purple can’t wait to attend the #WebSummit next year. 👋🏼🚀

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