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Web Summit Lisbon 2018

We are happy to say the entire Belgian delegation arrived safe and sound in Lisbon. πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ✈
blue2purple is part of the Belgian delegation for the third year and excited to be back, #cantskipportugal!

Meet the motivated digital experts that will represent Belgium at the #WebSummit this year: Maud Van De Velde for 20th Century Fox, Sebastien Scarmure for Brussels Airlines, Jeroen Stirnberg for Ferrero, Kris Hoet for Happiness, Anthony Belpaire for Google, Jo Delannoy for Doubleclick, Alexis Lebedoff for Facebook and the blue2purple team members: Annick Vandersmissen, Cedric Donck, Laurence Baeten, Karima Neveu, LIsa Diamant, Rebecca Van Vaerenberg and Nicolas Beguin, Jean-Vianey Philippe will also be there to represent Broadkat.

Together we can’t wait to learn and get wisdom from the largest tech conference in the world! 🌍

Belgian delegation, Web Summit 2017

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