Get ready for the end-of-year retail peak

With the holiday season coming up and Black Friday just around the corner, marketers better prepare to capture the increase in demands of all those shopping consumers!
The multiple peaks and the complexity of the purchasing process will push us to find new solutions to reach all customers. Here are our main takeaways of the Google end-of-year retail peak event! 🎄

Capture demand with Search

During seasonal peaks, it’s all about capturing the large increase in search volume and in long-tail queries. Dynamic Search Ads are basically what you need to achieve this goal. Using the organic-crawling technology of Google, the system scans your website looking for content to target search queries and generate ad creatives.
How simple is that? And it’s not the end 👨🏻‍💻. As quantity is not the only objective, quality is too. Responsive search ads are the perfect tool to automatically generate relevant creatives using combinations of pre-made headlines and descriptions.
Dealing with huge amounts of queries during peaks will force you to make bulk changes.
Using inventory management in Search Ads 360 will facilitate the work by connecting any data feed you need and designing campaign template. In other words, you merge your data and create feed rules to specify your ad copies and optimize your campaigns.

Campaign automation during peaks
Marketers can be lazy and smart bidding is the perfect solution to have the job done!
While using target ROAS/CPA strategy during the year, the profile of seasonal events will push you to cover more volume, so you will probably have to increase your CPA and decrease your ROAS to achieve such a goal.

Drive demand with Display
Google launched a fully automated campaign feature named Smart Display Campaign that uses smart bidding, automated targeting and automated creatives to achieve your goals.
In other words, the system needs are a target CPA, a campaign budget and creative assets and… that’s it 🚀! Using such campaigns will generate 20% more conversion at the same CPA than classic campaigns.

Omnichannel approach

A lot of marketers forget that their digital efforts also boost sales in their brick-and-mortar stores. By analysing Google and GPS data, we can calculate store visits driven from digital campaigns. With clever use of local inventory and location extensions, let #BigData do the heavy lifting for you! 💪

Shopping deep dive

The big coming shift in shopping campaigns at Google is goal optimised shopping ads. It utilises your business goals and machine learning to target audiences for better overall results. With simple setup and no need for keywords, this will be the clear choice for setting up shopping campaigns in the future!

Local inventory ads are available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK, and US.
Affiliate location extensions are enabled for select retailers in Australia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, UK and US

Are you #retail ready?!

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