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What is Google’s next step ?

With the growth of voice search, Google keeps developing it’s Assistant and Google Home products. Google is testing out different business models, including using Google Assistant for airline check-ins and hotel bookings. It also launched interpreter mode for Google Home, where one person speaks to the display and the translated phrase appears on the other side of a split screen.

As the Assistant is now on one billion devices, another business model Google is testing are ads in Assistant results. Voice search could cannibalize some parts of the traditional search results, so Google is looking at their options to diversify their business model for Assistant. And ads are right up their alley.

With a couple players in the industry predicting half of all search will be initiated by voice in 2020. It’s no coincidence Google is developing it’s solutions to stay on top of this emerging market.

Soon, we’ll have numbers of novelties we will use to develop your ad campaign. We’ll keep you up to date and we’ll be ready to meet this new kind of innovations !

“As most tech trends do, they start in the US and fly over to Europe after intensive testing overseas. It’s undeniable Americans have embraced voice search and we’ll be ready when it hits our market full force.” Vincent Mathys

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