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What is O2O traffic ?

[mobilosoft] “Traditional” e-commerce is disappearing to make room for a synergy between online shopping and physical shopping. This is also known as connected commerce.

O2O traffic is one of the reasons of these changes in the sector: Have you ever looked for a location, opening hours or opinions about a shop on the Internet before going there physically? Studies show that more than 75% of consumers have the similar behaviour : they prospect online and than buy at the physical point of sale. Web-to-store, Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO), Webrooming, … are all terms used to describe this behavior.

To stay in the running, big brands must absolutely control their O2O traffic. This requires good management of their local digital marketing in order to:

  • Attract the attention of the internet users
  • Boost the local SEO
  • Generate more visits and purchases at their points of sale

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