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When Search meets Social

There has been a significant backlash against comments in the past couple of years, with many sites dispensing with comments completely, and trying to push those conversations to social media instead. Google thinks that users generated content represents a huge quality signal.

By the way, Google is still looking for ways to enter the Social market. To do so, during the 2018 World Cup, users who would search for matches on the search engine were greeted by a comment section, where the match and its highlights could be discussed with other Google users. Comments are also great for showing how popular a site is. It gives the opportunity to improve your overall ranking of your content, keyword variation and quality of the content.

For blue2purple, users are part of our business. It’s then important to listen to them and understand why they reacted and created negative or positive contents in order to adapt strategies.

Don’t forget, users can play a part in a site’s overall quality and subsequent ranking.

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