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Where digital meets mainstream medias

Some people say that mainstream media is disappearing but is that the truth? Youtube demonstrates that digital is not replacing mainstream media, but is embracing it.

On average, users watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day. In order to deepen its knowledge about the consumer’s behavior, Youtube launched TV screens device type to make it easy for marketers to find engaged, valuable audiences while they are watching Youtube. Even though mobile remains the dominant platform for Youtube viewing, people are spending more time watching it on their televisions. Furthermore, the ads shown on TV drove a significant lift in ad recall and purchase intent.

blue2purple will be able to produce greater reach and frequency for your campaign with the extension of Youtube campaigns on TV devices. It will give us the opportunity to analyse if your campaign are well performing and if we should make any bid adjustments.

The mainstream media could be a real ally to the digital world. They can help develop themselves and produce even more accurate campaigns.

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