Who we are ?

Hey !! We are the new members of blue2purple’s team. We are happy to be part of this expert team and ready to make your dreams come true 💥🎅🏻

Discover us 👇🏻

I’m Vincent

With a passion for economics and growing up in the digital world, it wasn’t that surprising to join a digital marketing firm. It’s only been a few months, but I feel at home here in the offices and people around me already feel like family. I’m a pretty calm and analytical person with an interest in linking and automating processes. I hope to use this to enhance productivity and remove as much human error as possible from the equation in some parts at blue2purple. I’m also fluent in Dutch, French and English, which certainly helps in the advertising landscape in Belgium!

Please don’t tell anyone but I like to obsess over subjects that I’m passionate about, even pulling all nighters from time to time to research online and test things out 📊

I’m Quentin

After having two successful experiences in my previous jobs (one year on the advertiser side, the second year on the agency side) I’ve decided to embrace a new challenge called blue2purple. It became rapidly clear that I landed in an amazing team with a great knowledge of their sector. The more I know about the company the more I’m excited for the future. What I’d like to bring to b2p and to the team are positive waves, humor and get the best out of each situation. I would describe myself as calm and an good listener which in our job is mandatory.

Please don’t tell anyone but I love cooking and a good indoor soccer player ⚽️

I’m Femke

I’m your Social Advertising Expert at the #socialteam. Social advertising changes fast which makes it very exciting to work with. I’ll keep on learning every day, I promise! I help to set up and optimize social media campaigns. I’m a very optimistic and enthusiastic person, which makes it easier to work with my colleagues who loves to joke, eat and drink.

Ps : Brace yourself because I take my serie addiction very seriously !!

Don’t tell anyone but apparently my clumsiness forces me to fall or walk against a post every now and then 💪🏻

I’m Augusto

What wakes me up in the morning? Jazz, Rock but also the possibility to discover and build new things in my private and professional life. I found here a great professional environment which can provide those two possibilities. Having been graduated in Innovation and Strategy, my job enable me to find patterns based on datas and to challenge them with the reality. I would say that I’m a well documented person and have good technical background. It enables me to give some technical hints.

Never say to anyone, I like to read in the subway while in my commute to the workplace. Even if I take the same subway as some colleagues 📚

I’m Auriane

Passionate by car race and jewellery, my moto is to keep up-to-date (novelties, technologies…) ! Graduated in communication, living in a world in constant evolution, working in digital marketing sector is a perfect match for me. Searching new ways to communicate, to manage strategies on cross-channel platforms, is a daily challenge. With all the craziness, creativeness and expertise, I will do my best to astonish.

Pssst ! Don’t tell anyone but my brain is oil burning most of the time… It never stops burning actually. I’m just a little a bit crazy as some of them said, just a little bit 🔥

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