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Why interactive ads are relevant to drive conversions?

Did you know that a person sees on average 4000 ads/day? That’s huge! Well implemented, advertising is key to the success of your business and an accurate way to persuade them to seek your services or your products. However, they consider brands as intrusive and are less attracted to advertising. To attract them again, you have to use a different way to stand out from the crowd. One solution is to produce interactive ads such as 3D ads.

Why interactive ads are relevant to drive conversions?
As marketers we all know the benefits and even the importance of having a short message and a call to action but with interactive ads, you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. This 3D ads will allow you to present your products in all its aspects where a static banner couldn’t.

It invites customers to physically engage with your products in an immersive way, encouraging them to act. Moreover, with that kind of ads, you will be able to create a storytelling or even enhance personalization but above all improve customer experience.

What are the specificities of these ads?
With this kind of ads, customers will be able to personalize his/her desired product and thus encourage the purchase of it. They will be able to play and to modify component directly on the ad instead of being redirected to the website: the color of the product’s element, to rotate it on itself or even discover its component parts. This advertising technique gives a realistic impression of the product and its constituents. In summary, it conveys an image in somebody’s mind.
This will have as result, to personalise your content which will have as an effect to be more engaging and enthralling than a standard format.

What about the ROI?
This marketing technique is giving you the opportunity to increase your ROI but also your engagement rate and interactions. Moreover, 3D interactive ads decrease your bounce rate of in-site traffic.

These results are due, firstly, to the fact that interactive ads are trackable. Through a data-driven approach, machine learnings are able to allocate the budget set to ads to the most performing ones. It is useful for you as marketeer because you can test all your ads to see which visuals or which copy is performing depending on your audience.

Of course, the creative side is essential so that you can attract new customers or retain those who already know your brand. However, this creative side must be supplanted by a strategy that is well defined and identified according to your business objectives but also to the audience to be reached. Creative advertising will be ineffective if it is not strategically implemented on different platforms.



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