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Your feedback on the 8th edition of What’s next Digital

The 8th edition of What’s Next Digital was a success for us but the real question is : was it a success for you too? We were happy to receive your thoughts on the event through the survey we send to all the participants. Because sharing is caring, we would like to share these impressions with you.

The general satisfaction rate was 86%. You were 81% to think that it was relevant and helpful for your job. Overall, you seemed very satisfied with the organisation of the event: 92% were happy with the communication and emails and 86,4% with the welcome logistics. You were 76% to be satisfied by the accessibility. Indeed, finding a parking spot around Googleplex offices in Brussels is not easy, you need some patience and luck! If possible we would therefore advise you to come by public transportation.

Enough with the numbers, here are some of the key takeaways you wrote down and are planning to put in action.

Belgium is a growing country for e-commerce & m-commerce, this means that agencies need to adapt. It is also of utmost importance to control how many data we create. The subject of this edition was data-driven marketing. You learned that you needed to connect your data pools and the importance of testing your actions.

Regarding video, you noticed that video marketing keeps increasing and is becoming more and more important for the whole customer journey. You plan to start creating dedicated online videos and no TV copies, as advised by Jean-Vianney Philippe from Broadkat. You will put a focus on video production and not only on buzz video. And last but not least, you will make use of native formats and keep your videos short and clear, as well as adapted to the channels where they are released.

Concerning the strategy, you now consider to get a holistic digital strategy, all your communications in line and to follow the do’s for a successful marketing strategy. You now realise that your online and offline strategy regarding shops need to be related. Therefore, digital should not be thought alone but as an integrated part of marketing, it can be accessible for everyone but should be taken step by step in order to be efficient. It can always be interesting to explore different strategies, which always starts with setting clear expectations.

The stimulation of innovation highlighted by Cedric Donck inspired a lot of you who are now keen on defining your own digital maturity map by following the process. You also learned useful insights on digital transformation and now that you need to master the online advertising tools in order to be more efficient in your job.

To thank you, we would like to share with you the presentations of the speakers during this 8th edition of the What’s Next Digital available on slideshare :

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